‘O Positive’ – Our Halloween Smoothie Recipe with Blend Active Pro

We were sent the new Breville Blend Active to create a Halloween Smoothie and this is what we came up with.


This smoothie is called O+ or O Positive (for obvious reasons)

Here’s what you need –

120 gms raspberries

200 ml apple juice

Quarter beetroot chopped

If you want it sweeter you can add you sweetener or sugar to taste.

Now all you need do is put them all in the Blend Active and switch it on.


The children enjoyed this smoothie and the best part of it that the beetroot went down without a fuss too. So, that’s a great (sneaky) way of getting veggies into the kids too. It was delicious but I just got a small sip. 🙁

Ethan was especially thrilled to drink it as he said he was drinking blood. (Should I get the garlic out?)


The new machine has a few new features  –

The light comes on when you fix the blender in correctly.

The light flickers while you blend

There is a neoprene sleeve that keeps drinks cooler longer.

The new bottle also comes with a non-slip grip for easier handling.


I particularly like the little cover/safety cap that is a new feature. It protects the blades and also is great when you have children so that they don’t have an accident. This also acts as a mini blender for dry grinding small quantities of nuts or spices.

I love the Blend Active new look blender. It is attractive and would suit any contemporary kitchen. It is great for crushing ice too.

The Blend Active is also extremely affordable at around £49 and is good value for money.

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