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With 3 children, I cannot ignore the importance of saving. We have to have a substantial amount put away for their higher education which I know will cost a packet.

Though they would be eligible for loands and hopefully grants, I cannot take a chance.

Since we save a small amount each month, I have really looked ISAs or other investment opportunities before. But, even with the small amount saved, I know I am losing on interest – however small the amount.

I also have to worry about pension as I am self employed.

Hubs and I had discussed ISAs and general investment but when I checked online, I got quite confused as to which would be the best investment for me.

I came across Nutmeg and decided to give it a try especially since it seemed easy to do.

With Nutmeg, you can choose the type of investment, the goal you are saving for, when you need the money and the target amount.

As you can see it is quite simple to do and once you have filled in the relevant boxes, it gives you a projection of your personal portfolio and the portfolio allocation. You can see what your risks may be and then decide on the best form of investment.

Nutmeg does charge a fee of 1% and going as low as 0.3% including Vat which seems pretty reasonable.

I like the option of having different saving goals and having it all in one place so I can have a complete picture of my investments.

It is also great that you are not locked in as it is your money after all. There is no exit fee.

There is a minimum investment amount of £1000 per fund or £50 monthly contribution.

Of course, as with all investments, there is an element of risk involved and there could be a chance that you may not get back the amount invested. It is a good idea to keep stock of investments and if you decide to withdraw your money do so when you are getting back more than the capital.

I think Nutmeg is a great platform for people like me as they do all the work and I can rest easy knowing that I have made the best investment for my family.

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