Nutmeg AW16 – Clothing from Morrisons

On Tuesday, we set off to central London for the Nutmeg AW16 Showcase. If you didn’t know, Nutmeg is the clothing brand from Morrisons and we love their clothes. It all about being a little softer and a little easier to put on and not having any tickly/scratchy bits on the inside.


It was not your ordinary showcasing event as there were animals for the children to pet – rabbits, chinchillas and chicks. Even an owl that fascinated Ethan no end.


The main highlight of course was the amazing range that was featured.

I am a huge Nutmeg fan and have always been championing their products because they are so great and excellent value for money. I have quite a few Nutmeg clothes for the children and they wash well without any shrinkage and are super soft.

I was happy to see the introduction of more products for older girls and boys and this especially pleased Jadyn as she always told me that Nutmeg does clothes for little children. How pleased was she to see the Older Girls range and she loved it. And she is very fashion conscious and getting hard to please when it comes to her clothes. So, Nutmeg have obviously passed the test with flying colours.


Aeryn loved this little coat that felt really ‘fluffy’ she said and has her eye on a few other bits.


Ethan surprisingly who does not really care what he wears really liked this special cape t-shirt and the coat.


What’s the greatest bit about the clothes is that they are all so affordable. My only gripe is that there are not enough stores that stock the clothes but I was happy to learn that come October, the clothes will be in ALL Morrisons stores. Yay!

There are 4 trends that in the AW16 collection –

Woodland Animals – Featuring floral prints and will keep kids warm when playing outdoors.

Space – Inspired by Tim Peake’s space adventures and Star Wars, this features badges and glow in the dark details.

Slogans – Making a statement with this cool range while still being comfortable.

Layering – Creating individual looks this range features cardigans, caps, gilets and jackets.

Doesn’t it sound interesting. I can assure you that the collection is indeed gorgeous. There is also a lovely baby range which you must check out if you have a little one.

Here are some products that caught our eye –




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