The Nut Job 2:Nutty by Nature Film Review

We were invited to a screening of The Nut Job 2 and the children were quite excited as they knew what to expect. Having seen The Nut Job, we knew that this film was going to be a load of fun too.

The screening was taking place at the Warner Bros headquarters in London and we started off early to be there on time for the fun in the foyer.

We were treated to face painting, creating our own masks and we had some balloons made into Surly, Andie and Precious. We also had a great breakfast with acorn biscuits too.


It was then time to head into the screening room which is rather plush. We’ve been before but every time we love it more.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature tells the story of how the mayor of Oakton City wants to destroy the habitat of Surly and his friends to build an amusement park to rake in money. However, he is not concerned with how the park is being built and is extremely unscrupulous. Surly, Buddy, Andie and Precious and their friends try and stop him with the help of Mr Feng and his army so they can take the park back.

What we thought –

The film is amusing and is loads of fun. It’s nice when a sequel is different to the first film and yet as enjoyable. There are also moments that show caring between friends which is great in a children’s film. The kids loved it and I was entertained too.

It’s a great film to watch with the family this summer and is out in cinemas now.


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