Num Noms Series 3 Review

We are not new to the Num Noms but every pack seems to have something new that makes them all the more lovable.

We were recently sent Series 3 Marshmallow and Fresh Fruits sets and Aeryn has been enjoying playing with them.

The Marshmallow set comes with a set of 4 scented Num Noms – Sara S’mores, Rachel Raspberry and Bella Bubblegum. There’s also a scented eraser Nom: Mallow Erase-It.

The Fresh Fruits set contains Sadie Seeds, Becky Banana and Melony Seeds as well as a scented eraser Nom: Nana Erase-It.

These little collectibles are adorable and can be stacked for more playtime fun. They are scented which add to the fun and are squishy too.

We have made a short unboxing video of the Num Noms Series 3 pack and hope you enjoy it.


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