Noddy Toyland Detective App Review

Who doesn’t love Noddy. He has been a part of households for generations now. I remember reading Noddy books when I was little. Then came the television series. This time, I’m happy to be reviewing the App. The Noddy Toyland Detective App is available on iOS and Android.

The purpose of the game is to follow the clues to solve the mystery. Once you have driven around Toyland in search of the clues and found them, a story is then created to retell how the events took place.

This is a first in an App for me, and I found it very interesting. Besides getting the child to read, it is also helping the child to learn a sequence of events and to recall what happened, strengthening memory.

You play as Noddy in the App, driving around in his car and solving the clues. Yu get to explore Toyland like never before adn meet characters from the show like Bumpy Dog, Revs, Pat-Pat etc.

You may have questions and these help to solve the mystery. You can also create musical masterpieces with the Pirate Brand. If you want to paint the car and decorate it, you can do so by taking it to the garage. You can also solve jigsaw puzzles.

The one thing I LOVE about this app is that contains no advertising and has no in-app purchases.

The app also features a passcode-protected ‘Grown Ups Corner,’ where you can choose how long the child can play the game. receive email notifications to tell you there is a new case to be read.


The App helps build language skills through reading and storytelling. It develops creativity through play. It helps in language skills and it also teaches to nurture and be caring.

The App is priced at £2.99 and I think it is great for Noddy fans. If you haven’t downloaded it already, please do. The children are definitely going to enjoy it.

The game has been developed my multi award winners Kuato Studios. You can check here for more details –

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