No End To Fun With Plasticine: Review

The children love plasticine and can sit hours moulding and creating and playing with it.

Honestly, it works better than a tablet for keeping them quiet.

We were recently sent some Plasticine sets from Flair to try out and the children could not wait to get started.


We were sent the following –


This contains bright colours and 4 moulds to bring the fun into moulding.


This pack contains neon colours for that extra special masterpiece.


This has 24 colours which can be used to make any number of things.

 Animal creations 

This pack has plasticine and plastic pieces that help you create an animal and is loads of fun.


These are great for making Ninja Turtles and Ethan loves making them.


The children spent hours sitting and playing with it and in fact play with it everyday. By now, the colours have mixed into more of a brown colour rather than different colours but that doesn’t stop them from unleashing their creativity.

Yes, the tigers are not perfect but they look pretty close and I love that it gets them off the iPad and their other devices.


Plasticine is great for physical development as it helps in manipulation and hand to eye coordination when rolling and cutting and creating shapes.

It is great for cognitive development as the child goes through the experience of moulding and creating new shapes. It also helps to learn about elasticity of the material.

It also helps in releasing stress as there is no right way of playing. You can create whatever you like.

It is great for starting a conversation as children can talk about what they are making.

You can also teach children about mixing of colours to form new ones.

The playing and learning never stops.


I remember I always liked playing with plasticine when I was little. My Mum used to make some amazing animals.

I encourage the children to play with Plasticine as much as they like. I do ensure that they play on a plastic sheet as it can stick to carpets but it is easy to remove if removed immediately.

All the Plasticine packs are reasonably priced and are excellent as gifts or treats.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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