Nintendo Wii-U Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review



Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is the newest Tennis game introduced by Camelot. It features 16 characters that you can play as and  has different modes that you can play – Mega Battle, Knockout Challenge, Mega Ball Rally and Classic Tennis.

You can play with friends in a doubles match or just play on your own in the singles match.

It is fairly easy to play as you can take advantage of high precision strokes to ensure you win.

Get a Mega Mushroom to tower over your opponent for a huge advantage.

The 16 characters each have their own individual strengths and these are clearly identifiable as you play on.

There are also different courts that you can play on and we each have our own individual preferences. The game can be played by upto 4 players so the entire family can join in.

We enjoy the show of emotions that the characters display when they lose – vocally and even throwing a huge tantrum. The children enjoy this bit.

All in all, the game is easy to play and great fun for all the family.

Priced at £27.99, it is available at the Nintendo e-store and all major retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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