Nintendo Wii U – Mario Party 10 Review

The children love the Wii U and we spend some lovely times together playing games on it.

We were delighted to be sent another exciting package from Nintendo which contained products to have a party. Yes, being a Nintendo Family Blogger means we get to do fun stuff. But it was not just any party, it was a Mario Party.

A party to celebrate the launch of Mario Party 10 on the Wii U. And in true Nintendo style we were sent some party stuff to celebrate with the game of course and a Bowser Amiibo.


The children were excited and to be honest so was I as I do love the Nintendo games.


Mario Party 10 is similar to Wii Party and yet quite different. Similar in that it is a game where you roll the dice and travel around the virtual board picking up challenges on the way.



But beware, you don’t want to let Bowser out of jail. Spin the wrong number and you’d do just that. Once he’s out, you’ll have to dodge fireballs and his wrath and try to outbeat him. Don’t worry, you can do it as a team, which makes it a perfect game for the family or friends.

Mario Party 10 has 3 modes – Amiibo, Bowser Party and Mario Party. There are over 70 mini games – we haven’t played them all as yet but the ones that we have are most fun. You get to do all sorts of crazy things like hit people on the head, climb ladders and push other players off a ledge kind of thing. All fun, I assure you.


After it’s over, you even get a trophy. Hence the pushing off the ledge is not frowned upon.

You can use the Amiibo for even more excitement but the problem in our household is which Amiibo should be used and it can be a pain changing them every turn.

PicMonkey Collage


I like Mario Party 10 because it allows for short games to be played and you can diffuse the whining in the home by saying  – ‘Okay, a quick game on the Wii U’. It really is a quick game so great for children who get bored easily.

It has a PEGI rating of 7  – I think this is because of Bowser’s scary world and roars as my little one does tend to be a little wide eyed when he’s released from jail. But, that doesn’t stop her from joining in the fun.

We love playing Mario Party 10 and would recommend it as a great game for the family and friends. Besides, who doesn’t love a good party, eh?

Disclaimer: I was sent Mario Party 10 for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.





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