Nintendo 3DS YO-KAI WATCH Review

We’ve been playing with Yo-Kai and making friends with them. Curious? Read on to find out more.

Yo-Kai are invisible to the naked eye and are hidden everywhere around us. They represent the things/emotions that people encounter in their real lives.


YO-KAI WATCH, is the new release from Nintendo. It is available for the Nintendo 3DS and involves hours of game play with hundreds of quests for players to complete.

You have access to Springdale, a town that the Yo-kai inhabit and you have the opportunity to help them with their problems. You will need to have a Yo-Kai Watch to be able to do so. Springdale is filled with shops, parks, busy streets and forests.


What we thought of YO-KAI WATCH…

The children love it. It was a bit confusing at first but as they got the hang of it, they could not stop playing it. Since there are so many quests to complete there is a lot of game play time and it is a most interesting game.

They especially love getting to know different Yo-Kai and what they represent. They also loved exploring and solving the quests which are common problems so everyone can relate to. Finding new Yo-kai was a treat for them.

It was great that you could play as a girl or a boy.

Here are some more things that you may like to consider while playing –

•  YO-KAI WATCH on Nintendo 3DS is part of a brand ecosystem including TV, toys and merchandising – everything ties together so for example, the Yo-kai Watch and Medals you see in the game and on TV can be purchased.

•  There are over 50+ hours of gameplay thanks to side quests and additional adventures after the main story finishes, with bigger and more challenging bosses to battle!

•  Yo-kai have their own will but you can help them in four ways: Soultimate unleashes the ultimate Yo-kai moves, Target helps your Yo-kai to focus on a certain foe or weak spot, Purify helps to heal an inspirited Yo-kai and gain extra experience points and Item lets you use items you have collected to help your team or get an opponent to like you.

•  YO-KAI WATCH is very different Pokémon, some key differences include:

  • Battles are in real-time and players will have to think on their feet and actively support their Yo-kai with food, items and skills to defeat their opponents.
  • Yo-kai are invisible and can only be seen by people that have a Yo-kai Watch!
  • In YO-KAI WATCH the player befriends Yo-kai, an action which is initiated by the Yo-kai themselves

•  As you progress through the story, you will be able to level up your Yo-kai through Fusion (combining two Yo-kai), Synthesis (combining a Yo-kai and an item) or Evolution (Yo-kai will evolve into more powerful versions of themselves when reaching certain levels).

•  Talk to the Landlord of Wayfarer Manor to activate the StreetPass feature to receive gifts from other players or even battle them!

•  Play as Nate or Katie (both characters from the TV show) and certain dialogue in the game may change based on each character.

Here’s the trailer –


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