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We do watch a lot of Nick Jr. at home  – there seems to be something to please everyone on there.

When I was asked to review Nick Jr. Leap, I leapt at the chance (sorry, I couldn’t resist!!)


What is Nick Jr. Leap?

Nick Jr. Leap, a fun, online world created to develop children’s mathematic, problem-solving and language skills. Free to play, the site was designed in line with the 2014 Early Years Foundation Framework.

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What we thought of it?

The children enjoyed playing on it. I think with the rise of technology and the children being so interested in it, it is but right that they learn via technology too. My children play a lot of games but it is nice that they are able to also make use of sites that teach.

Aeryn, aged 3, just loves playing on it. It also helps that it can be accessed anywhere so even on the mobile or tablet.


There are 3 worlds – Language World, Solving World and Numbers World.

The games are interesting and as I saw it there are different levels so some they are spaced across the ages. Little ones can easily play under supervision of an adult or older sibling.

Language world teaches languages – French, English, Spanish and Italian – where you can learn basic words like colours etc.

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Numbers help little ones identify numbers, shapes and addition and subtraction. I really like how the number line is used to help with problems.

Problem Solving helps children use their knowledge to solve everyday problems – packing a picnic or going on a journey. They also learn to identify healthy eating.

I think the site is brilliant. The fact it incorporates Bubble Guppies, Dora and Team UmiZoomi from Nick Jr. make it even more interesting to children.

I was sent a few products to help us make the entire experience even more fun as I could plant seeds or make a den.


Nick Jr. Leap is a great way to get the children learning through play as it doesn’t seem like a chore or homework. I would definitely recommend signing up for it. It is free as well which I think is great.

To sign up, please visit the Nick Jr. Leap website here

Disclaimer: I was sent a few products to use to try out the website. All products and opinions are my own.

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