New Teksta Newborn Puppy from Character – Review

We had reviewed Teksta Kitty some time ago but this time we were sent the new Teksta puppy to review.

Teksta puppy is slightly smaller than the kitty but no less adorable. The kids love him.


There are two buttons on the top of the puppy’s head which when pressed make him react. Press the left button and he will respond by barking or getting up on his hind legs.


Move the legs all the way forward and press and hold the button on his head and he will listen to your commands and interact and even sing to you.

One new trick, is that this puppy can jump right into your hand. He is really cute. Push the legs forward (not too much) and then press the left button and speak to him. He will jump into your hand.


Move the legs back and he will sit up and beg.

The little puppy is a huge hit in our home. It is small enough and doesn’t take up much space but it still interacts with the children and keeps them entertained. It does have an on-off switch which ensures that you can preserve battery life. It requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included.

The price is quite reasonable at £19.99 for an interactive toy.



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