New Robinsons Fruit Creations for Grown-ups – Taste Test

We always have Robinsons Squash at home as it is so handy for guests. Play dates are also made better with a bit of squash. To be honest, though I drink it sometimes, it’s mainly for the children. However, this latest creation from Robinsons is all mine.

Robinsons has launched two new ranges; Fruit Cordials and Fruit Creations aimed at adults which is great news.  I was sent a flavour to try out and review – which was even better news!

There are quite a few flavours to try out and I was sent the Crisp Apple and Elderflower flavoured Fruit Creations bottle. Now, I do love an elderflower drink so I guess I was already all set to like this  even before tasting it.

I was sent a gorgeous box that would be a delight to receive as a present too. I know, you’re saying, who gives a bottle of squash as a present? But, you can seriously do so with this one.


It certainly looks good and very presentable – but what about taste?

I thought it had a more grown-up appeal to it. It seemed a bit stronger (you need to taste it to know), which makes sense as it has twice the fruit of the Robinsons single concentrate. It also contains no added sugar which is perfect for me.

I think that it is a great drink for those hot summer days (a thing of the past) and even to serve to teetotallers or expectant women. In fact, I remember that while I was pregnant, I was invited to so many gathering and I couldn’t drink at all. I had to nurse a soft drink and most often it was juice as I didn’t even want a fizzy drink. I wish I had the new Robinsons Fruit Creations around then.



And its no wonder it tastes so good! Robinsons enlisted the help of flavour experts to creates these new tastes, and they contain tasty fruitier flavours. All Robinsons’ squashes are made with real fruit and contain no artificial flavours or colourings. Just a few more reasons to like the range even more!

It’s so great to finally have a squash for grown-ups.

Written in collaboration with Robinsons. 


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