New Mum Fitness Campaign with Kimberly Wyatt and Kiddicare

Keeping fit and looking good after the birth of your child can be quite a daunting task especially if the birth has been a particularly difficult one. All one feels like doing after the months of carrying all the weight around and the tiring labour is rest. At least that’s what I felt like doing. Besides, once you bring your little one home, the nights don’t get easier with baby waking for feeds and nappy changes.

But if you don’t get active soon after the birth (as soon as your GP says you can), it can result in packing on a lot more weight that gets really difficult to lose. Like me for instance. I was not supposed to exercise after the birth because of complications (I had percreta) and now my target seems even more distant. Of course, my daughter is now 4 so I have no excuse except that I got complacent.

I am pleased to be featuring this campaign by Kimberly Wyatt and Kiddicare – #MumsonaMission

I was disappointed to have missed the event but really happy to share the details with you.

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It’s all about mums getting fit in a workout that lasts about 25 minutes a day. Surely that’s achievable?

DSC_8217Pat one image 145

I have not really tried it out yet – we’ve recently moved home so it’s been hectic. But now that things have settled down I am going to look seriously into losing weight.

Kiddicare posed some questions to Kimberly and you can click the links to read the Q&A With Kimberly and more about the New Mums Fitness Campaign

This always something that befuddles me when I go to buy sports shoes so here is a handy guide to buying the best ones to suit your needs.

And here is the video about the new campaign –


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