New Frozen Range of Toys from Hasbro : Review

It’s been almost 4 years since the release of Frozen but the magic is still there. It seems like no one is ready to ‘Let It Go’ (sorry I couldn’t resist!)

Today, the songs are still popular as are the characters. And I’ve also heard there’s a new short film called Olaf’s Frozen Adventure set to hit the screens in December.

Aeryn also still has a love for all things Frozen with Elsa being very popular. This month we were thrilled to be sent some new Frozen inspired toys to review.

Olaf’s Adventure Snacking Talking Olaf

We all know how much Olaf loves to talk. This version also loves to eat but the food slides right out of him. Feed Olaf the food that is included with the package and he’ll say funny phrases and make sounds.

The figure is true to style of Olaf in the film and is very durable. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to any child’s face.

Olaf is priced at £24.99 and is available at all major retailers.

Disney Frozen Musical Elsa

The magic of Elsa lives on and this version is inspired by the new animated short film. She is dressed in a shimmery gown and matching shoes. She also has a cloak with a fur collar.  Elsa plays the tune ‘When we’re together’ – a song from the film which is all about the happiness of spending the holidays together.

Frozen musical Elsa is priced at £31.99

Disney Frozen Play a Melody Gown

I like how the new toys are different to the older versions. They are not just figures but do so much more. Singing to Let it Go is fun but imagine being able to play it in a tune and on Elsa’s dress!

Elsa’s dress is like a keyboard with the snowflakes lighting up to play ‘Let It Go’. That’s one mode. In the next mode, you can follow and play the tune to background music. In the freeplay mode, you can use Elsa’s dress to create your own music. How cool is that!

Elsa’s gown is more like the classic version from Frozen and the doll is lovely.

It is priced at £34.99

Does you child love Frozen? These are definitely toys for his/her Christmas list. And you’ll probably find Santa at Smyths Toys

We love them so much, they have been given the Elves’ Choice stamp of approval.


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