Nerf N-Strike Elite Surge Fire from Hasbro – Review

We love all things Nerf in our home so to be asked to review the Nerf N-Strike Surge Fire was met with whooping joy!

The Nerf N-Stike Surge Fire from Hasbro is perfect for Ethan. It’s not that large(long) and it carries 15 darts in a rotating drum. Rapid Fire, indeed!


You can fire darts up to 90 feet and choose either to fire them one at a time or slam fire all rapidly.

It is really easy to load so it’s perfect for the 8+ age range.

Nerf is great for play dates and enjoying a battle in the garden. Ethan has lots of fun taking his Nerf to friends houses when he visits. They enjoy their Nerf Battles.

The darts are foam tipped but it would do well to caution children about aiming at the face and be careful when using the Nerf.

We normally line up plastic bottles and have an action filled evening.

Nerf N-Strike Surge Fire is available in all major retail stores and is priced at £24.99. It is made of great quality plastic as one is normally expectant of Hasbro.

Ethan just loves this Nerf product and enjoys having a battle with his father.



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