NatWest launches new Pigby Fair App

A few months back I wrote about Natwest launching the new Saver Pigby banks in association with Aardman and you can read about it here. Now I am pleased to bring you some news about an app launched by Natwest to teach children how to have good saving habits.


Some of its features are –

  • App receives update to inspire children to save money
  • Complete with new features to further engage kids
  • Created in partnership with makers of ‘Wallace and Gromit’
  • Features animated Pigby character launched as part of NatWest’s First Saver account

NatWest has launched a new version of its popular money-saving app for children, adding in new features to improve and create more of a bespoke experience which helps inspire kids to save money.

Produced and designed by the makers of Wallace and Gromit – Aardman Animations – the app features NatWest’s animated savings characters, Pigby and Friends and now offers new components to further engage users in its fun animated fairground.

The user is guided by Pigby through a fictional journey where he or she starts by selling ice-cream at the fair to earn money followed by opportunities to spend or save, with saving bonuses being offered at various points.

The refreshed app also features two new stalls; Buzz’s stall where the user can make and customise a radical range of extreme sports boards, and Truffles’ stall where he or she can create a glittering range of fashion and clothing items ready for the catwalk. There will also be a new ‘Hook a Duck’ attraction to further improve the user’s experience.

Users are also be able to find and earn new special items to make on their stalls whilst children using the app via Apple smartphones and tablets are now able to take and store a photo of their customised masterpieces.

About Pigby’s Fair App

Pigby’s Fair App is a free-to-download app which aims to help children learn about saving money through a fictional scenario of running a stand in a fairground. Pigby’s friends hold other stalls so players can check how much his friends have saved and what they’re saving for to inspire and spur them along.

In every five minutes of gameplay the child is taken to the Pigby Bank to deposit some of their hard earned pocket money. They are also able to set their own saving target for new or upgraded stalls and upon reaching their goals they unlock new items and levels to allow them to progress further.

The characters were introduced at the end of last year during the launch of NatWest’s First Saver account, which aims to inspire children to save money.

Heather Wright, Executive Producer at Aardman Animations says: “We are continuing to work with NatWest to improve the user’s experience of Pigby’s Fair app and make it even more enjoyable. This project is very exciting for us especially as our core audience is children so we are always looking for new ways to inspire and engage them.”

David Crawford, Head of Savings at NatWest, says: “We appreciate that children like to try new things and it’s paramount that they do not become bored. Through a re-launch of the app we hope to retain the users’ interests so they continue to enjoy the game-like scenario and learn further about how to manage their money in order to help give them the best possible future.”

The app, Pigby’s Fair, is available now and is free to download for everyone (not just customers) on both Apple app store and Google Play.

For more information on Pigby’s Fair app please visit or head to your nearest NatWest branch.

I am looking forward to trying out the app myself soon.

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to post this.

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