Nathalia Buttface and the MOST Embarrassing 5 Minutes of fame Ever – Review

Jadyn enjoys reading and she loves books that are funny. She had never read this series before so the author was new to her.


The story –

Nathalia finally gets her 15 minutes of fame, but the attention she’s getting is not the right kind! Her embarrassing Dad has filmed an even more embarrassing video of her that has gone viral- all the attention is turning on her for all the wrong reasons.

This is the final in the trilogy and it was fine as a stand alone book.

Jadyn found it hilarious and I found her laughing out loud while reading some bits. She read out some of the funny bits to me and we had a good laugh together.

First of all – the name made us laugh. In our home of course, that’s a rude name. 😉

Then the idea of the video of Nat running around the garden swatting her backside.

And the funniest part – when she gets stuck in the bath.

It was great though that Nat used her fame to help save the the animals. We think it was a lovely thing to do.

Jadyn liked the book so much that we are looking to get the others in the series.

The language is perfect for 8+ which is the target age and since it is so hilarious and engaging, I think most children would enjoy reading it.


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