Name That – A Family Game We Enjoy

Did you read my recent post about the Word Game I would play when young? I was pleased to be able to introduce my children to something similar in the nature of NAME THAT.



Name That is the new fast paced word game from Megableu and I was glad to be able to review it. I’m pleased to let you know that unlike other games that have been played and cast aside, this one is for keeps and we play it very (very) often. Read on to find out why.

The game consists of 50 cards with a category and an alphabet on each one.


How to play –

The cards are kept in a pile. One person picks up a card and reads the category and you quickly think of a word that begins with a letter on the next card. The person to shout out first gets to keep the first card.



So for example,

The card on the top has a category of ‘River or Lake’ and when you pick it up the letter on the next card is ‘W’, you have to shout out a river or lake that begins with ‘W’.

The player that has the most cards at the end wins.

What we like about the game –

  • It’s fast paced
  • It’s hilarious – the children come up with weirdest things.
  • It encourages vocabulary in younger children
  • It’s a great travel game as it comes in a handy tin
  • It makes one think
  • There are endless possibilities
  • It’s one for the whole family to get involved in

Hubs has been getting into the game as well – I think it’s because he’s been winning consistently. Jadyn being competitive likes to keep playing so she can beat her Dad. Ethan is more of the joker and loves coming up with funny names.

The kids come up with the most hilarious things –

Something in a restaurant with ‘O’ – octopus legs

Kitchen utensil with ‘R’ – Rhubarb cutter

Object found in space ‘I’ – Intergalactic Space Mobile

You don’t want to know what they come up with for ‘Something smelly’ 🙂

The game is highly inventive too and the kids (and we) are usually in splits as they try and push to get a card.

Name That is priced at £12.99 and is worth every penny as it provides loads of fun for the entire family. Definitely add this to your family games collection.

It is available at Smyth Toys stores.

I was sent the above game to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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