My Work, My Passion

Writing is my passion.

From a young girl, I would always indulge in writing stories. I remember  when we would play as children – I would write stories and my sister would illustrate them. Art is her forte as writing is mine. I wrote stories and then as I grew older I wrote poetry.

It seemed only natural that my profession be related to writing or indeed teaching others about writing well and I trained to be a teacher. As a teacher, I was extremely strict about spelling and I think my students still remember my telling them their spelling was atrocious. I can’t stand seeing the use of poor grammar or punctuation and sometimes wish I had my red pen at hand constantly.

My teaching days were short-lived as when I had the children, I decided to stay at home and look after them. A lot had to do with the cost of childcare and putting 3 children into care – be it in nursery or in before and after school clubs – meant that taking up a full time job just wasn’t something that I could consider unless the job was paying very well. Unfortunately teaching is not a job that pays enough to warrant this.

Being at home with the children can drive you quite bonkers sometimes and I started my blog as a way of expressing myself and indulging in what I loved – writing. It began as a ‘go-to’ place for my children whom I hoped would come back some day to remember their ‘firsts’.

But the lure of reviews soon took over and it meant that I was invited to amazing places with the children – days out, overnight stays, dining out and lots and lots of toys. Soon, I was also offered compensation to post content which meant that I was able to add to the family income.

And while learning all about social media in relation to my blog,  I even started working as a free lance writer and social media consultant. Yes, the money I earn may not compare to a salary but it means that I can work from home and be there for my family while supplementing  the household income. It is indeed lucky when you can turn a passion into your work.

Or maybe sometimes highly unlucky as when you are passionate about something, time stands still and there is no end to the amount of work and effort you put into it. It means that I dream of my writing –  of the next post that I will be writing and of the next venture that I would like to start (involving writing of course).

My passion has taken me this far as every extra step I take goes the extra mile. I love belonging to the blogging community. I love the networking that goes hand in hand with it and I enjoy doing some crazy things that are so enjoyable like blogging from a bus like I’m doing today.

It also helps that my husband is very supportive of my blogging as are my children. They are my models for my posts. 🙂

My one tip – don’t be afraid to take the first step. The possibilities are endless and all it takes is dedication and perseverance and you will be successful.

Look at me? I’ve just been nominated for a Working Parent Blogger of the Year Award.  

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