My weekend shop as a #MorrisonsMum

The bank holiday weekend saw me becoming a #Morrisonsmum and it was great to get out and shop in store for a change. Taking 3 children to the supermarket is a bit of a hassle so I do all my shopping online.

Morrisons had announced that it was bringing in lower prices that were here to stay so I was quite looking forward to spending my vouchers thanks to BritMums and Morrisons.
The store had a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables at really great prices – for example 3 bags of oranges for£1.50 It was a steal!
The meat especially,  was quite fresh. The chicken breast fillets were on at 2 for £7.50 which I thought was an excellent price as each packet was 580 grams. Just what I needed for my bank holiday meal!
We also bought fresh sea bass from the fishmongers and this was also reasonable at 2 for £5. The lady at the counter scaled the fish for us too!

As we filled up our trolley with a host of things, I was quite pleased to see that the aisles were quite wide and easily accommodated our wide pushchair.
A lot of the things were cheaper and this is due to the fact that Morrisons launched their I’m Cheaper campaign where they have dropped the prices of not only their own produce but also of other branded items. And as I mentioned before, these are here to stay.
We bought much more than we normally buy as you can see by the number of shopping bags. (and that’s only half of the shopping)

We had decided on making Chicken Tikka Kebab served with Persian rice and Cucumber Raita and I made a Trifle for dessert.

ckn and raitaFor the Chicken Tikka Kebab recipe, click here

Tilda basmati rice – £2.25
Chicken breast fillet – £7.50
Peppers – 99p
Mushrooms – 65p
Onions – 69p
Yogurt – £1
Cucumber – 49p

Trifle sponge – 81p
Strawberries – 99p
Custard – £1
Jelly – 55p
Whipping cream – 90 p
The main course came to £12.88 for 5 of us which is about £2.57 per person.
The dessert was £4.25 in total which was 0.85 per person.
We also had 3 skewers of kebab left over (which we used to make another tasty dish – Chicken Tikka Masala) so it actually cost relatively much less.

I really did not bother to count costs before this as ‘per serving’ but when I actually added it all up and saw how much the meal had cost, I was quite surprised and really pleased that we had such a great meal that was so inexpensive.

I hurried to the website to see if they deliver to my area but it seems I need to wait just a bit longer to avail of the the great prices.

A big thank you to Morrisons and BritMums for making the bank holiday weekend even more special.

Disclaimer: I received Morrisons vouchers to do my shopping. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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