My Week of Super Soft Moments

I was invited by Mission Deli Wraps to document my softer moments – Moments that make me feel all warm inside.

I didn’t actually realise it, but there are so many things that make me go all warm and fuzzy inside. I just didn’t pay attention. These are those ‘Aww’ moments that make life great.

Some of my softer moments this week would have to be –

Aeryn sharing her sweets with Ethan because his fell on the ground in the tube. (without being told to)



The children meeting Santa Claus – Aeryn was awestruck. 🙂


This beautiful evening scene



Aeryn painting her own Christmas bauble for the first time – it will be going up on the tree.


Jadyn’s first time ice skating


The look on their faces when they responded to the knock on the door and found Ellie the elf and their Advent calendars. They are being on their best behaviour.


There have been many other lovely moments that would end up with this post being too long but there has been one moment that has made me so proud that they are my children and they each got a sound kiss for this. 🙂

We had visited Santa and they had each received gifts. I had kept them in a bag and left the bag on the table (literally for a minute or less) and gone to get a drink for Aeryn. I didn’t realise until I was on my way home that someone had nicked two presents out of the bag – Aeryn’s and Ethan’s. I was so upset – I could have cried. Who would take presents off children?

The children seeing I was upset promptly covered their feelings. Ethan said it was not the Ninja Turtle he wanted anyway (although he had been pleased when he got it and wanted to open it up immediately). Aeryn said she wanted a baby doll not Dora ( but came home and cried her heart out) She asked me to tell Santa that someone had taken her presents. Jadyn  said without hesitation that they could all share her headphones. Her present hadn’t been taken.

I was so proud of them being so brave – they were after all presents that they had just received from Santa. ‘Aww’

Disclaimer: This is an entry for the Mission Deli Wraps ‘Our Super Soft Mission’ Challenge. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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