My Top Tips for Haircare for Children

My daughters have long hair. I know it’s sometimes not feasible or very wise when they are at school but I always hated having my hair cut short so I let them keep it long. Of course, in my case since we coped with very hot summers it was the only wise thing to do.

Jadyn has very thick hair and it’s also curly. Aeryn’s hair is straight and less dense so it’s easy to manage.

Since they go to school, from time to time I get a dreaded text to let me know that there has been a case of headlice in year…., which I hate receiving because that means I have to go through their hair with a fine toothcomb literally.

My top tips for caring for long hair

  • Invest in a good quality brush – you may need to get a detangling one if your child has thick hair.
  • Use a children’s shampoo – it’s milder
  • Use a conditioner especially on curly hair
  • Towel dry so you don’t need to use much of the hairdryer as it dries out the hair
  • Get the children into a routine of combing their hair especially before bedtime
  • If your daughter has long hair – it is best to make a loose braid at night so it doesn’t get tangled.
  • Use a headlice preventive spray and a shampoo like Vosene to keep the crawlies away.

Here are some hair hacks by Charlotte Hayward showing you how to deal with a wonky fringe or bubble gum in your child’s hair (yes, it does happen)

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