My top fashion tip – Accessorize!

I am no fashion designer or model but I have to say that I have been blessed with a sense of style. In fact, in my college days I was considered one of the best dressed girls. 😉 It was not because I had a cupboard full of gorgeous clothes but because I when I put my entire ensemble together, it looked good.

Nowadays I would still love to have the time to be able to get every outfit just right but I find myself having little or no time to do so. Most times I put something on with little time to get my facepaint on. I know I really should take more time to pretty myself up. In fact, the days that I take the trouble to dress up, the children make it a point to tell me I look very pretty and they come and stroke my clothes in awe! Yeah I know – I must do it more!

So when I was contacted by La Redoute to enter the competition to become their brand ambassador, I knew that this is something that I need so much – the opportunity to get back on the fashion wagon and look less like a frazzled mum and more like a Yummy Mummy! Besides, a trip to Paris? You have got to be kidding me! I have never been to Paris – so what better way to visit than with a fashion brand.

My top fashion tip is – Accessorize.

The plainest outfit can look super ‘glam’ with the right accessories. By accessories, of course I mean – bag, shoes, belt and jewellery. In fact, it is also a great budgeting tip because instead of buying several outfits you can change the way they look by changing the accessories. For example – when I was teaching, I would wear comfortable shoes because I was on my feet for most of the day. But if I needed to go anywhere after school, I would ditch the flats for heels, add some jewellery and I was ready to party.

And of course, to me, less is more. I would say don’t go overboard with the accessories or you will end up looking like a Christmas tree.

For example, this black dress can be worn for work and then all you need to do is add a gold belt, gold clutch, gold sandals and very subtle gold jewellery for a very glamorous look.



I especially like this trench coat (a essential requirement in England) from their Secrets to French Style guide. It’s gorgeous.


If you want to get that ethereal look, go with something floaty and diaphanous and add drop earrings and filigree necklaces for a perfect ensemble.

Accessories also help to draw attention away from parts you want to hide. For example, if you have a pear shaped body add a belt just below the bust to draw attention away from the waist and hips.

Drop earrings give the appearance of making your neck longer and slimmer.

And of course, don’t be afraid to try something new – a chunky necklace or higher than normal heels you would not normally wear may be just what you need to get the look.

I was pleased to be invited to enter the competition. Perhaps La Redoute saw beyond the hassled mum and know I have potential. I definitely do  – so fingers crossed and I hope to be soon writing another post to tell you I have been chosen. 😉

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