My Songs App Review

I love Spotify. I love the playlists it provides and the fact that I can listen to it on the go.

I especially love it when we are with the children in the car. They sometimes get tired of the radio (make that most times!) and all I need to do it to get Spotify on and they are singing to all the latest songs. It helps – it stops the whining and the bickering and the ‘Are we there yet?

I was recently given the opportunity to review My Songs  from the USM Jr Label onSpotify which is an App aimed at children.


There are several playlists already set up like Lullabies and Party Hits. I really liked that there are the latest pop songs on the lists as the children love to sing them in the car.

You can also customise the lists to include your children’s favourite songs which is great. You can also share the lists which is handy if Hubs has the children in the car alone (when he picks me up from blog conferences!!)


It’s fairly easy to get the App and the best part is that it is free. (not many things are these days) It is also available on both the Free and Premium versions of Spotify.

To get the App go to App finder on the left hand side of the Spotify screen and scroll down to find it. It really is that easy.

We have been wondering what we ever did without it!

The USM Jr label which was first set up in 2008 has a strong catalogue of over 30 top selling children’s albums. Their character branded and carefully compiled compilation albums are frequently found in supermarkets and the children’s charts cross digital stores such as iTunes and Amazon.


Disclaimer: I was sent a CD set in return for writing this review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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