My Partywear Wishlist

With the chill in the air, I’m reminded that we are very near celebration season. I remember from past experience, there are always a whole lot of events and parties to attend in the run up to Christmas.

It means that one needs to have their wardrobes equipped with party wear. I tend to wear very few dresses but with the children nagging me to wear dresses more often, I’m seriously thinking of incorporating more dresses into my clothing collection.

I was browsing some sites when I came across these and though I probably need to up my get fit routine to look like this, there’s no harm in putting together a wish list, is there?

Here are my favourites from the Ralph Lauren Sale


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  1. Floral Sleeveless V-Neck Dress – I think this is simple yet classy and it can be worn by day and dressed up for the evening with a pair of stilettos if required.
  2. Pleated A-Line Dress – This is gorgeous and everyone needs a little black dress, don’t they?
  3. Ruffled Jersey Dress – How stunning is this? It drapes so well. If only I had the figure for it.
  4. Ponte Drop-Waist Dress – I love the mix of the collar and the flirty, ruffled skirt. Perfect for a little office romance. 😉
  5. Cotton Eyelet Dress in deep sapphire – feminine and pretty, this is another one for the day that can be dressed up for the evening.

Ralph Lauren is one of my favourite designers.

Via Love The Sales

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