My Little Pony – Welcome to Ponyville DVD Review

Reviewing this product really took me back in time. I loved My Little Pony products as a child. In fact, I remember my sister getting me a little pony as a gift. It was blue and had lovely long hair and came with a brush.

When I got the opportunity to review the Welcome to Ponyville DVD, I was thrilled that I could watch it with my children. They love My Little Pony too and could not wait to watch the DVD.

MLP1001 MLP 3D

Twilight Sparkle has a gift of magic and is a special little pony. Princess Celestia gives her the task of finding the true meaning of friendship. As she sets off, with her dragon called Spike, she meets Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Fluttershy and Rarity.

The ponies represent the spirits of the elements of harmony which are honesty, generosity, laughter, kindness, loyalty and magic.

Jadyn has been watching this DVD literally every evening. She loves the episodes and since you can watch them separately, it is quite handy as each episode is about 30 minutes.

Jadyn likes Rarity because she is quite creative and like designing things and so does she. Her favourite is AppleJack because she is funny.

Ethan’s favourite is Big Macintosh because he is a boy. 🙂

I think the DVD is pretty cute and love that the children can watch and enjoy the same My Little Pony that I enjoyed years ago. I am also quite sure that there are going to be some My Little Pony requests on Santa’s list.


* Friendship is Magic – Part 1

* Friendship is Magic – Part 2

* Griffon the Brush-off

* Look Before You Sleep

* Swarm of the Century

* Owl’s Well That Ends Well

Available for the first time on DVD, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic- Welcome To Ponyville is available in all good retailers and priced £12.99. Certification U: Suitable for all audiences.

A great gift for Christmas as I am sure that any child would love the DVD.

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