My Kitchen Tales…

Kitchen Tales….If my kitchen could speak, well there would definitely be very interesting stories it would tell. Till then, you will have to make do with what my kitchen is to me…in verse form! 🙂

ghost cake 1

My kitchen – the room I love and hate,

The place I slog, the place I create

It is the place I sweat – and smile

Where I stop to think for just a while

As I look out at the tree outside – squirrel

And see where all the squirrels hide

Their nuts and berries for the cold.

And wonder what the future holds…

If my kettle could speak, it would probably say:

“I’m the ‘perk me up’ at the start of day               2014-06-30 01.04.00

I boil the water for their tea

I know they just can’t do without me.”

My coffee machine is my one indulgence

It makes me coffee in abundance

Mochas,  Lattes,  Cappuccinos

Hot chocolate for my sweet Bambinos!

In my oven, I love to bake –kellys4

Brownies, cookies and cupcakes.

The children love to help as well,

They love that heavenly baking smell.

Fairy Platinum keeps my pots and pans clean

They always have a lovely gleam,

They’re free from any grease and grime,            20140630_005232

They have that lovely, sparkly shine.

I wash, I cook, I wash some more

I serve, I wash – it’s such a bore!

I clean, I dry and put away,

And then it starts again next day.

I whisk, I stir, I boil, I stew,

I mix, I fry, I barbecue,                                                           20140626_102937

I flip, I toss, I decorate,

I mash, I blend, I pour, I grate.

My kitchen is a wondrous place

My peeve… My love…My room…MY Space!


I have this kind of love-hate relationship with my kitchen as there are so many days when I would love to not enter it at all. But all said and done – it is My Space as I mentioned and I love being in there.

This post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum

2 thoughts on “My Kitchen Tales…

  1. Love the poem and how you have got across that double-edged side of the kitchen when you are a parent. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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