My introduction to Coca-Cola Life at Blogfest 2014

As you must have read, on the 8th of November, I was at Blogfest, the bloggers conference organized by Mumsnet.

I was treated to a night away by my sponsor Coca-Cola and I quite enjoyed the time alone. I was in this amazing room – all to myself. It has been quite a while since I’ve had a room all to myself. I also had a lovely view of St. Pancras Station.


I had a chance to meet my fellow bloggers and enjoy a drink before retiring to my room for a long leisurely bath without any children knocking on my door.


Before we went to Blogfest, the next morning, we had a symposium with Coca-Cola over breakfast. Present at the discussion were five other bloggers, a team from the PR agency and Fiona Angus, Science Manager Coca-Cola.


Now you must know about my love affair with Coca-Cola. I am a die hard fan. Yes, I do love to drink it. No, I don’t sit and guzzle it all day. I sip it all  day. (Just kidding!).

I do prefer the regular and cherry Coke above all the other variants.

We were introduced to Coca-Cola Life at the event and I was a bit sceptical at trying it out. I am not a Diet Cola person and figured from the name that this was going to be a diet version in a green can. I guess I was wrong.

Coca-Cola Life is made with a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract. It has a third of the calories of regular coke. As I sipped it, I found it quite pleasant to taste. I do not like the taste of sweeteners so Diet Coke doesn’t go down well with me. I have incorporated Coca-Cola Life as an alternative to regular Coke on most occasions.

We also learnt more about Park Lives, the initiative by Coca-Cola to provide free and fun activities offering everyone an opportunity to stay active. I do look forward to it coming to our local park.

Being introduced to the Caffeine Counter, I was surprised to know that Filter coffee and instant coffee contain higher caffeine levels than an espresso! Also a bar of chocolate contains more caffeine than a can of Coca-Cola. Well, I don’t drink instant or filter coffee, so I guess I’m okay!  Even green tea has more caffeine than Coca-Cola!

There is also a Daily Calculator which allows you to calculate your caffeine intake. Although there is no recommended daily allowance in the EU except for pregnant women which is 200 mg. Since I am never likely to be pregnant, I’m fine!

We were also among the first to view the Coca-Cola Christmas Ad which went on air later that evening. 🙂

We went on to Blogfest and had an amazing day.I got another opportunity to try out Coca-Cola Life at the stand and have a little chit chat with the team.


I shall be writing up my post in the next day or so, so please come back to read about my second Blogfest experience.

Thanks again to Coca-Cola for being my sponsor. I had an amazing time.

Disclaimer: I was provided with Hotel stay and a complimentary ticket for Blogfest. All ideas and opinions are completely my own.

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