My Hillarys Room Makeover

A short while ago we shifted home. Soon after, I received an invitation to makeover a room with Hillarys.

I had to send in what I wanted changing in the room and then I would receive some expert advice from Joanna Thornhill.

I had mentioned that I wanted the room to look brighter since the carpet is a rather dark green.

Here’s the advice I received –

1.You mention your priority is to bring light into the space, and there are plenty of clever tricks you can try, but the deep blue tone in both your bedding and carpet can really suck up the light, which might be where you’re having problems. The easiest fix would be to switch out this dark bedding for something more neutral – you could always keep touches of this colour, such as just the pillowcases, and introduce a throw or extra cushions with touches of blue within them. A silk or satin duvet cover would have a lovely light sheen to it – take a look at Gingerlily’s range
2.Ultimately, replacing the flooring for something lighter would make a real difference – perhaps a light laminate with a sheen to it, to help bounce some light back into the room, or even a pale carpet with a longer pile, which should also have a bit of a sheen and enable you to bounce the light around somewhat. If replacing the flooring isn’t an option, however, perhaps a couple of sheepskin rugs would go some way towards the same effect.
3.There are various wall paint products out there which contain light reflecting particles, such as Dulux’s Light & Space range – perhaps you could try a subtly contrasting colour on the wall behind your bed if you didn’t want to repaint the whole room? Opting for a window treatment which doesn’t obscure any of your glass would help, too – there is a fair amount of wall space between the top of your window and ceiling, so perhaps a Roman blind fitted here, which stops just at the top of the window when fully open, would prevent any precious light from being obscured. 
4.Finally, you could introduce some mirrors into the room to also help bounce the light around the room – it’s a well-known trick but it really does work, particularly if you have space to place one opposite the window.
I purchased a light coloured duvet cover with the extra bits and I was amazed at how much it changed the look of the room. It was instantly brighter and the children commented on it the moment they entered.
I have taken the suggestions on board and I will be making changes to the room – adding a rug and maybe a lick of paint.
Click on the link here –  to see my room makeover as well as those of other bloggers.
Disclaimer: I was provided with compensation to purchase the products for the room makeover. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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