My friend Cayla – taking pretend play to a whole new dimension

I had seen Cayla when I visited the Vivid Toy Group stand at the Toy Fair in London and I knew that she would be one of the top toys this year.

Jadyn is 9 and is between wanting make up and yet not ready to give up her dolls. Like most – well all I think – she is caught up in the digital phenomenon and loves the iPad and all the other gadgets.

Cayla is ideal because she is a combination of both – technology and dolls.


I was lucky to be invited to an exclusive event where I got to see Cayla in action and meet her creator Bob DelPrincipe and the Brand Manager of Vivid, Catherine Scott.  If I was a little girl, it would definitely be on my list for Santa. Only thing is Christmas is too long a time to wait to play with it!


So, who is Cayla?

My Friend Cayla

Cayla is an interactive doll that will enable children to gain controlled access to the internet. She is a doll that a child can chat with. What’s wrong with chatting with family or friends or siblings, I hear you ask? Well, all children speak to their toys. Didn’t you? But now, you have a doll that actually speaks back to you is got to be magical.

Cayla lifestyle

Cayla takes pretend play to a whole new dimension, in my opinion. She can help with homework, read stories and hold a conversation. And the best part of it all – at the end of the day – she looks like any other doll. Not a gadget that is rectangular but a doll.

As a doll she is lovely, with pretty blonde hair that can be brushed and trendy clothes. As an interactive playmate – she is fabulous.

Cayla can also be played with via a downloadable app on IOS and Android devices.

Here are a few facts about Cayla –

Cayla playing games
• Cayla is the first interactive doll to ‘live’ through an app so she can be just like a girl’s best friend.
• She’s an 18” doll with traditional hair, dress-up and role play but she also does so much more.
• When synced to an online Smart device Cayla can recognise speech so the child can have real conversations with her. With the help of Google’s speech-to-text technology, rather than using pre-defined phrases, the girl can talk to Cayla freely.
• They can talk about their likes and dislikes, hobbies, and Cayla can even answer questions about maths, general knowledge and the weather!
• There are four levels of online safety in place which makes My Friend Cayla much safer than simply handing a smart device to a child.
• Cayla can also do lots without an internet connection. She can tell stories from her database, play games, talk about her scrapbook and answer general knowledge questions4.
• RRP £59.99
• Available from July 2014

If I were you, I would go right out and purchase one as I am sure that they will be sold out pretty soon and you don’t want to be disappointed.

Forget about my little girl – I can’t wait to have a play!

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. I just think that Cayla is such a ‘brilliant’ doll and wanted to give you the scoop as my readers.

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