My First Crayola Doodle Magic – A Review

I love the Crayola products. I have always loved them and the children have grown up using Crayola. Now of course, they use it all the more because we are Crayola Bloggers.

We were sent two products from Crayola recently that only made me even happier to be a Crayola Blogger.


I love letting my children beckon their inner creativity and paint and draw. I hate clearing up the mess. Have you ever given a paintbrush and paint to a 3 year old? The results could be alarming. You could end up with new wall paint or furniture designs and almost always will end up with her clothes looking a bit different – thanks to the paint that drops on it.

We were sent two products from the Doodle Mat Range from Crayola –

My First Doodle Magic Colour Mat and Doodle Magic Travel Pack.


My First Doodle Magic Colour Mat is a large (2 ft x 3ft) mat that can be rolled up for easy storage. It can be used on the floor, at a desk or even hung on the wall for perfect doodling practice.

The set comes with 4 markers and an eraser and a cloth. All can be stored in the space provided on the mat so it is all kept neat and tidy. There isn’t a chance of the markers getting lost (unless one does not put them into the storage space).


The Doodle Magic Mat’s large surface area makes it easy for children to draw together. The easy storage  – it rolls up – make it a huge success with me.

A child can draw, write or doodle on the mat and the image does not fade unless it is erased with the help of the eraser which has to be filled with water and then used. and leaves behind a clean slate for the next work of art. The cloth can be used to wipe off excess moisture while cleaning.


The Doodle Travel Pack works on the same principle and comes with 3 markers and an eraser. This is ideal for car journeys and my little one loves to carry it with her. It comes with a handy handle for easy carrying.

Both these products are ideal for pre-schoolers and children over the age of 3. I think they introduce the handling of a pen and can also be used to teach a child how to write numbers and alphabets as it is so much more fun that writing on paper.


I love both these products. I think that young children will benefit from this as it can help teach proper pencil grip and  letter formation.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above two products for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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