My First Book – Jade and the Tooth Fairy

I finally did it…After a few months of dedicated effort…my first book has been published on Amazon. I am thrilled to bits.


Jade and the Tooth Fairy is a story about a little girl called Jade, who stays up late on night to meet the Tooth Fairy. She asks the Tooth Fairy to take her to Fairyland and takes off with her brand new wings to visit Fairyland. She is in for a surprise when she finds out what happens to all the baby teeth the Tooth Fairy takes.

It is a story in rhyme and is meant for children of any age.


I enjoyed working on this book and am thankful to Christine Corretti for her beautiful illustrations.

The idea came to me when my daughter, Jadyn, left a note for the Tooth Fairy asking her what Fairyland was like and that she would love to go there.

I put the pictures and verse together on my own simply because I had a vision of how I wanted it to be and didn’t really trust anyone with my first project.

It is available on Amazon and on Smashwords and will soon be in print.


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