My Favourite Poems on National Poetry Day

I’ve always loved reading poetry since I was a child – rhyming books, then verse and then the more intense blank verse too. I do have more of an inclination towards rhyming poetry though.

As I grew older I took to writing poetry myself and most of my poems reflect the mood I am in. Needless to say I write best when I am sad or very angry.

Since today is National Poetry Day, I thought I would ahre a few verses from each of my favourite poems that I have written. If you enjoy reading them, click on the link to read the whole poem and tell me what you think –

Destiny may hunt us down,

Show us a future bleak;

And yet we’ll face the prophecy

And peace within us seek

Taken from Out of the Darkness Comes the Light


He’s You when you are hurtful,

When you make others cry,

He’s you when you strike with all your might,

With little thought of why?

From Who’s Afraid of the Bogeyman


My Mom – she was an angel, albeit without wings,

She brought us up with love and care that only angels bring.

from My Mom, She was an Angel


Your magic lamp has no Genie

No matter how hard you rub.

Your carpet won’t fly you to magical lands

And your beanstalk’s just a shrub.

from Fairy Tales are for Fairies


I’m not a yummy mummy-

In fact, not even close!

I sometimes spill the porridge,

And often burn the toast.

From I’m not a Yummy Mummy


Do have a read and let me know what you think. Could I be the next Keats or Browning? 😉

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