My Entry to be a #MarkWarnerMum – Part 1

Food forms a huge part of our family days out and days in. My husband and I are serious foodies and we love trying out different cuisines both while travelling and at home. He is a wonderful cook  – very experimental and I have to say that his dishes turn out much better than mine. So, I leave the cooking to him – at the weekend. 🙂 I cook during the week when they are all too tired to know the difference.

The kids have also mentioned to him that he should open a restaurant. I’m quite miffed that they never said that to me. The cheek! I cook all week.

Pastel De Nata -Portugal

Anyway, having established that we are huge fans of all things food, you would know that when we are on holiday, we are always on the lookout to try out local cuisine and like to make sure that food is taken care of. Trying out new dishes and new tastes are a huge part of the holiday so that we can incorporate those new dishes at mealtimes at home.

Prawn Chettinad – India

So whether it’s trying out Chilli Crab in Singapore or Pizza in Italy (they are so different to the pizzas here) or sipping a cocktail on a beach (which I’ve yet to do), our holidays are guided in a big way by food. We check out restaurants to vist before travelling so we know exactly what we need to try out. And yes – we also go through the menus. Saves so much time when we are seated with 3 children who can’t wait for food to be served and get out of there and run around.

IMG-20150929-WA0010 (1)_resized
Singapore Chilli Crab

I think the ambience and the company also has a lot to do with how the food tastes so pretty places just seem to increase your appetites – just like well presented food.




I’d love to be able to take a trip to Greece and try out the cuisine there. I’ve never really tried out Greek cuisine before. It must be lovely especially since it is such a beautiful country.


Our perfect holiday would be to go somewhere where the food is delicious and I can take a break from cooking and sample the delights of the place.

Steak, veg and mash – UK



I’m hoping that I’d be chosen to be a #MarkWarnerMum so I can visit one of their amazing destinations and try out the cuisine. Well, I won’t only be eating I’m sure because going through the Mark Warner Holidays website, they have everything covered so I know we’d have a lovely holiday.

This is my entry for the Mark Warner Holidays Family Ambassador Programme in ‘The Serious Foodie’ section.

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