My Entry to be a Mark Warner Mum – Part 2

I recently wrote about the serious foodies that we are and why I should be a #MarkWarnerMum. This is another entry in the Creative Writer category.

Why am I entering in different categories? Perhaps because I have this multifaceted personality that can bring a whole lot to my ambassador role.

I’m not that arrogant to think that I am the best at creative writing but I do believe that I am something of a creative writer. I love writing poetry and also prose and I know that a Mark Warner holiday will bring out the poet in me.

I can see myself (yes, selfishly this is quite about me), sitting near a pool, with the kids at their clubs, with Hubs and enjoying some alone time for the first time in years. (many years)

The blue sky, the sea, the sun – sheer bliss!

Or maybe a very cold scene – skiing on the French Alps, coming back to a warm Chalet and sipping hot chocolate. I’m thinking ‘Frozen’ here.

Life will be good for those few days and the experience will be enough to make a lifetime of memories.

Here’s a Haiku in support of my creativity –

Mark Warner Mum

It is what I want to be

A trip – sun or ski!


And a short poem to show what my perfect holiday would be –


I’m looking for a place in the sun

Splashing in the sea and having fun.

Or maybe ski trip in the cold

To try out the slopes in moves that are bold.

I’ll sit on the beach with a cocktail in hand;

The picture I’m seeing in my mind is just grand.

Childcare will be sorted, maybe I’ll date

Don’t raise your eyebrows – it’ll be with my mate.

The children will be busy with the clubs that are free

Wave jumping, circus tricks or sea frisbee!

I’m looking for my #MWMoment

One that will capture time well spent

I know that whether it be sun or ski

Mark Warner Holidays is just right for me.

This is an entry to be a Mark Warner Mum with Mark Warner Holidays. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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