My dream home in Devon

I like living near London – the opportunities, the hustle and bustle, the richness of different cultures amalgamating, the food and fact that I can get around quite easily without needing to drive.

Sometimes though I wish I could go and settle in a town nearer the sea. Away from the hustle and bustle. Far from the crowds.


I sometimes get online to look at houses that are on the coast and the houses in Devon have always caught my eye. The strange thing is that I have never been to Devon. It would take a good 3 and a half hours drive to get us there and I really don’t envy myself being in the car with the children for such a long drive. With a one hour drive, I often hear, ‘Are we there yet?’ about 10 minutes into the drive. So, I can well imagine what it would be like on a really long drive.

This year however, I am hoping to visit Devon, perhaps over a few days as I know there is so much to do there. From images I have seen, it is gorgeous.

The houses are lovely and some of them quaint and the countryside is so picturesque. Besides, there seems to be so much to do in and around Devon – the national parks especially the famous Dartmoor, the English Riviera and of course the beautiful coastline.

It must be so great to live in Devon with stunning landscape and the richness and beauty of nature.

What would it be like to wake in the morning with views of the sea?


It is lovely to dream of owning a home in the country where there are more open spaces than buildings. Perhaps some day, I would be able to afford my own weekend getaway, although if it is in Devon, it would be more like a half term getaway. 🙂

Until then, I will continue to enjoy browsing and looking at property for sale in Devon. And someday, maybe in the near future, I will be writing about my own home in Devon.

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One thought on “My dream home in Devon

  1. I know what you mean about the drive to Devon, it is a long drive but well worth it. We are going in the summer to visit family as my hubby is from Devon and all the inlaws live there. It is a beautiful place. x

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