My day with Tefal as a Tefal Innovation Panelist

Blogger Logo FINALWhen I applied to be on the Tefal Innovation Panel via Mumsnet, I crossed my fingers that I would be chosen. First of all I love the Tefal products and then it would be a great opportunity for me to work with such a well-known and big brand.

When I received the email from Ann at Mumsnet, I was simply over the moon. I called my husband, told him he needed to put in for a day’s leave to look after the children and I would be going to Windsor. With the email came an impressive invitation and badges for my blog which I lost no time in uploading to my site.

We are 12 bloggers on the Panel and it was great to meet everyone on the day.

I could not wait for the 18th and was like a little child (most excited) I managed to convince my husband to drop me off and we were all supposed to be there by 10.40am. I arrived at 10.35 to be met by the wonderful people in Tefal and Mark and Allison from Thirdcity. We were directed to a conference room where we were had a short presentation about Tefal by Steve Lowe (Digital Marketing and PR Manager Group SEB)– its history and its record for innovations. Also brought back memories of the people with the big foreheads!!

I was surprised to know that all Tefal products are manufactured in Europe at their headquarters in France and not in China like most other products.

ActiFry Family black

We then proceeded to be shown product demonstrations of the Tefal Steam Generators, Tefal Cookware, Actifry and Fresh Express and these are definitely ‘wow’ products. Tefal tries and tests and betters their products so you can be sure you are getting the best. The products are also made with safety in mind like the Steam Generator that has a lock and the Fresh Express that has blades on the inside so you don’t have the fear of little children getting hurt.

GV8461 cut outWe then had an awesome lunch (very healthy too) consisting of salads, chicken, cheeses and fruit. To be honest, I am not a very healthy eater. I eat my veggies but am not great on salads. However with the Active Express and the great salad made with Chinese cabbage, apples and walnuts – I may yet be a convert! In fact when I came home and told my husband about this particular salad, he was like ‘Yeah right, you and salad?’


Tefal is also launching a Fresh Week Campaign in the UK and this was launched on their website as we were there (Wow!) What this entails is pledging a week of healthy eating from 13 – 19th May. I have made my pledge at Tefal and you can also visit their Facebook page for more details and take part for a chance to win great prizes. I will be writing more on this in a separate post so look out for it.


The icing on the cake was when we were informed that we would be receiving a Tefal Actifry (family model), a Steam Generator and a Fresh Express. The first two would be delivered the next day and the third product in time for Fresh Week. Well, we were told earlier that we would get a product or two but this was great.

And that’s not all – a goody bag at the end of the day! This goody bag had in it a Preference – Pro Conduction frying pan, a little one egg pan (which is too cute and reminds me of toy utensils) but works just great and the children love it, a John Lewis Voucher, a Memory card and a few spices and herbs.

DSC06356 DSC06358









A big thank you to Tefal, Thirdcity and Mumsnet for making my day…week….year!!

Oh yes…am addicted to blogging. And do you wonder why?



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  1. Hi Jacinta – so glad that you enjoyed the day! Looking forward to see what healthy creations you have in store for your blog for Fresh Week 😉

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