My daughter’s dream house – Bella’s Dolls’ House:Review

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was given a doll’s house for her birthday. She loved the doll’s house and would play with it everyday. When she grew up and had her own daughter, she wanted to get her a similar gift as she knew that her daughter would love to play with it. She searched and searched and finally found the perfect house…

Le Toy Van Bella’s House


This absolutely adorable house in purple includes two decorated floors and comes with a furniture set too.

The furniture set includes a bed, bedside tables with lamps, a toilet, wash basin, table and two chairs, sofa, coffee table with a vase and a cooker. I particularly liked the fact that the furniture is not too small and is a great size to play with. It all fits perfectly in the doll’s house.


The doll’s house is a perfect size – not too big that it takes up space and not too small that it is difficult for more than one child to play at one time.

doll house

The facade of the house consists of windows with shutters that open and shut. There is also a door with a porch. On the two sides of the house there are pretty flower boxes that can be removed.

The roof is removable and can be moved back to one side to have access to the topmost floor. This is great, as it gives more room to play with.

The house itself is durable and made of good quality wood.

It is decorated throughout which is really nice as there is a wall paper effect on both floors – internally.

doll house 3

It was easy to assemble as the instructions were clear and it did not take long to do. The house is sturdy as it is held together by the flower boxes on the sides. I like that it is not flimsy and can handle 3 children playing with it and around it!

The furniture that comes with the house is a great starter set and is enough to fill the house. Of course, like all houses, you will need to get more furniture as you go along. Houses always need more furniture, don’t you think?

It is nice to have another floor below the roof much like a loft or an attic and this can be used as another room. Jadyn is planning on using it as a child’s bedroom which means more decorating for me!

What we liked about the house –

  • Colour and the decor
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good sized furniture included.
  • Lovely to look at with attention to detail
  • The roof opens to give more space
  • Easy to play with as it opens in two easy halves

doll house1

Imaginative play is very important at any age. It helps children to express their feelings, develop language skills, identify with the adult world and develop social skills as they learn to share and communicate. For children to have an opportunity of imaginative play, it is important to provide them with scenarios and props that help. I think a doll’s house is an excellent toy that can provide hours and hours of imaginative play. One can pretend it is a house or a castle and can decorate it as one wants.

I also got Jadyn a family of doll’s house dolls that fit perfectly with the doll’s house. She can now make up stories and role play too.

doll family

Ethan also joins in by having his action figures come to the dolls’ rescue.

We have had some of the Jadyn’s friends over and they absolutely loved the house too. Now which child would not like to wake up to this present under the Christmas tree?

The doll’s house is available at a price of £79.99 from

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