My Belvita Morning Story

My mornings are chaotic.
From the time I wake, until the time I am back home after dropping of the children – it’s on the go for me!

That’s what my kitchen looks like before I leave for the school run in the morning.

The only time I probably have for 5 minutes to myself is to have a cup of tea and catch up on the news – then it’s getting lunches and breakfast ready (No – we don’t have lunch before breakfast nor do we have them together!)
Hubs takes a packed lunch and so do the children, most days.
And of course, there the proverbial ‘what’s for breakfast?’ question! Why do children have this uncanny knack of knowing just when the porridge is over and deciding that they want porridge?

I mean it lay there in the cupboard for a while and no one wanted it so I slowly finished it instead of throwing it away. But now that it’s gone – yes – they want it! Sigh!!
If they are offered eggs then each one wants something different which is why eggs are normally a weekend thing. Or during the week it’s a simple ‘dippy egg and toast soldiers’.
Then there’s always a problem brushing teeth, finding school clothes etc especially underwear and socks (even if they are right under their noses) and the constant ‘change your clothes’ ‘get your shoes on’ etc. (this are my words in the morning, by the way)

Is it like that in yours?
My perfect breakfast time is when I am back from the school run. I can then sit and eat peacefully – well, with only one child to share my breakfast!

I had always wanted to try out Belvita biscuits – just never got round to doing so because I always believed that biscuits are not the most suitable breakfast item.

When I applied to test out Belvita, it was more to test whether it actually made sense to have biscuits for breakfast. I mean, it would be just what I need – a quick breakfast.
I also had some misgivings about whether 4 biscuits would fill me or I would be wanting to snack an hour later.
Here’s how I fared –

bel 2
The first day I tried the biscuits on their own with tea and I found that after eating 4, I was quite pleasantly full up and did not feel the need to snack or eat anything else until lunchtime.

My Belvita Breakfast

The next day I tried as recommended with the fruit and the natural yogurt and I really felt I had eaten a wholesome morning meal. I managed to have my lunch later than normal too – that meant I could blog without being interrupted!!

I loved the taste and the crunchiness of the biscuits. I loved all the flavours but I think the Fruit and Fibre is what I loved most. It was crunchy with that perfect chewiness!!
The Yogurt Crunch was also quite tasty and different to normal biscuits and the Milk and Cereals took me back to biscuits I used to dip in my Dad’s tea!Delicious.


Now even if I am running late in the mornings, I know I can quickly munch my Belvita biscuits or come home and enjoy the full Belvita breakfast.

The children also love the biscuits so I can think about giving them Belvita breakfasts sometimes too!

I also came to know that BelVita breakfast is the only breakfast biscuit proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours* as part of a balanced breakfast for example, a serving of belVita breakfast biscuits, a portion of fruit, a serving of dairy and a drink! (*proven in several clinical studies)

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