My #99p Summer of Fun

Summer is almost at an end – in fact today is officially the last day of summer. Tomorrow it will be autumn.

At the beginning of the summer holidays I was wondering what I would do to keep the children busy for the 6 weeks off school. We had no holiday planned but quite a few day trips. However, as everyone knows this is never enough – the children are quite continuously bored!


Thanks to the 99p Store – I managed to successfully relieve some of this boredom.

When I entered the challenge, I was wondering what I should get them to keep them occupied. While browsing the store, I knew exactly what I wanted to get.

First of all, since we would be enjoying the hot weather, I bought 3 bubble guns and we had great fun playing both outdoors and indoors.


Then since my children love art, I picked up a set of colour pencils, crayons and felt tips (all 3 for 99p) which I thought was great value for money.


I also picked up some sketching pencils as Jadyn loves to draw. The pencils are really nice with soft lead and great for fine drawing. And together with that some paints which both the older two enjoyed themselves with. I have several pictures on my fridge right now.


Another thing during holidays is that they seem to always want some sweets especially on drives in the car. I picked up some Haribo goldbears which are a big hit with the family ( I love the red ones best)


And finally to quench our thirst, I stocked up on 3 boxes of Rubicon juice.


The children were thrilled to see all the stuff I got as they love quantity and to see so many things was a real treat for them. It was a treat for me too – to get so many things for £10. It also helped to keep them occupied for hours.

DSC07859 DSC07860 DSC07861

I was surprised that the 99p store had so many different products at that great price. There are a lot of other things that caught my eye for the children and I will be heading back there to pick up more things to get get crafting with.

Disclaimer: This is an entry in the #My99pSummer Challenge. I was given £10 worth of vouchers to use in the store for the purpose of this post.


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