Mum’s Got It Covered: Daily Organizing Tips for Multi-Tasking Mums

It’s pretty common for most of us to feel disorganized from time to time but, if you’re a multi-tasking mom, staying organized can seem like an almost impossible task. With so many things to juggle at once, being a disorganized mum can wreak havoc on your stress levels and, with motherhood often being stressful anyway, being disorganized is likely to make you feel miserable and burnt-out in the long run.

Organization has been shown to provide significant mental and physical benefits, which will undoubtedly rub off onto your children too. So, if you struggle to stay prepared and organized on a daily basis, desperate for change to make your life easier, here are some simple tips you can start using right away to improve your daily organization.

Plan meals

Whilst this may seem obvious, planning meals is often something many moms simply forget to do. Then, when it’s time for dinner and your kids are hungry, you’ll find yourself scrambling through the cupboards trying to find something to quickly throw together.

Simply take some time out on a Sunday evening and plan meals for the week ahead. Try to add variety into your cooking so your kids don’t get bored and, if possible, select meals that can be quickly prepped in the morning and either put into a slow cooker to cook whilst you’re at work or left in the fridge ready to be cooked quickly when the time comes.

Preparation is key with any form of organization, and meal planning is a great way to start.

Use a calendar

These days, most of us use calendar apps on our smartphones to stay on track. But what happens if you need to notify everyone in the household of an event? Yes, you can use a shared app if everyone has a smartphone, but having a large calendar on the wall where everyone can see it is bound to be easier.

Making notes of birthdays and upcoming events takes a mere couple of seconds and is sure to not only keep yourself organized but your entire family too!

Dedicate one day a week to housework

Unless your family is super messy and untidy, it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to do intense housework every single day. For most households, one day a week is enough so it’s a good idea to pre-plan and set time aside for this to ensure it gets done.

Check the weather and choose a day where it’s likely to be bad. This way, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on a hot sunny day for the sake of housework as you may even avoid it altogether to enjoy the sunshine, resulting in a cluttered and even more disorganized home!

Staying organized is often easier said than done but, for busy mums, it’s essential to ensure you stay healthy and sane. By including these tips into your daily routine, you’ll be improving your organization virtually straight away – something the entire household is sure to benefit from.

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