Mummy Wish List from New Look

When I didn’t have young children I always seemed to have time to go the extra mile to dress up and look my best.

Nowadays, I find myself rushing out of the house in jeans and a T-shirt after running a brush quickly through my hair and pulling on a pair of trainers so I can easily lug my pushchair around.

But ever so often, I think about going shopping and going for an image makeover. I was always under the impression that New Look catered only to youngsters and by this statement you can probably guess I do not belong to this group. I am mum to 3 young children between the ages of 2 – 8 and obviously am busy all the time. I went online the other day to check for clothes as I was attending a blogging conference and found some really nice clothes on New Look.

I am happy to say that New Look also very kindly sponsored my clothes for the 2 days. However while looking through the clothes, I saw a lot of nice clothes that I would love to own and decided to make my own Mummy Wish List. It is a more general list of clothes that I think most mums would really love to have as part of their wardrobe.


286836480This lovely Mandi Orange Print dress is great for Mums especially if you have a mummy tummy as it fits under the bust and thus will cover up all that you are trying to hide as well as give you a flattering figure. Great for summer and barbeques and you can even dress it up for a night out by teaming it with this gold and orange bead necklace.   278969183



For a shorter version and if you are a Yummy Mummy, I absolutely adore the skater dresses but they just seem a little too short for me (I’m not brave enough!!)

289058141This Apricot Navy Leaf Print dress is one of my favourites. I love the pattern on the dress and the frill around the neckline with gives it a kind of old fashioned look. Pair it with flats or with wedges to give it a great look.

RRP £34.00


Jeans – As a mum, I have several pairs of jeans as they are great for zipping around in. Also, you need many pairs as a Mum as you are most likely to get a lot of chocolate, yogurt and all sorts of other sticky messy food items on them.

I have always worn low waisted jeans but after having the children, these just don’t suit (for obvious muffin top reasons) After consulting a stylist, I was advised to wear high waisted jeans so that it gives an image of a slimmer waist and if you are on the shorter side then it gives you length.

So my favourite is this pair of Petite high waisted jeans (RRP £22.99)They are the skinny ones so look great with tunics and wedges.  276358945





Be in with the fashion styles of the season with this lovely Blue Vanilla Cream Lace Top RRP £22.00            287176983

or this Coral Embellished neckline tunic which is chic and feminine and a favourite of mine.



265525041These Navy Tie Trousers (RRP £14.99) are perfect for the office in summer. The bow gives that extra feminine touch.


I just adore this Nude maxi skirt (RRP £16.99) Great for summer and in a shade that can be complemented with tops in an 287852716 array of colours.

It is also available in a lovely coral.


282035382These Coral peep toe wedges (RRP £17.99) are a must have for me. I love the colour as it will go with most of the outfits on my wish list. It is available in a lot of other colours too but I love the colour that will instantly glam up the look. I love that it is a wedge but not too high so I can use it even for school runs if I wish.

Of course no wardrobe is complete without a handbag to go with it

Satchels are in fashion and I love this Vintage style floral satchel (RRP £19.99). It looks a really nice size as well and it has a long strap 279646719which I particularly like.


Make no mistake. These are not the only items that I love on the New Look website. There are many lovely items of clothing, accessories and shoes. They also do a Petite range, Plus Size, Maternity and a Label Lounge. Whether you are looking for something that is at the height of fashion or you are looking for something more conservative, you will definitely find it on the New Look website and I can guarantee you that once you visit, you will go back for more.


Disclosure: New Look sponsored my clothes for the BritMums Live Blogging Conference. All ideas in this post are my own and I have chosen the items according to my own likes.

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