Mum Has A Few Tricks Up Her Sleeve With The Financial Magic App

As a mum I have quite a few magic tricks up my sleeve – for instance I can easily make chocolate and the iPad disappear when the children are extra spirited!!

But some of my magic tricks are for me alone – to make my life easier. My top trick that I love to tell people about is to use a sheet/blanket when the children are playing with Lego. After stepping on Lego one too many times (and I can tell you this really hurts) and getting on my knees to pick up miniscule pieces that I sometimes need a microscope for and of course ‘accidently’ hoovering an unimportant piece, I came up with this idea.

Now, the Lego stays in one place, it is super easy to just pick up in the sheet and put into the Lego box and I don’t yell out as much during the day because I don’t step on them.


My other tricks are to use old newspaper when we are baking and painting, using a plastic carrier to pick up toys in the living room and sorting them out in the children’s room instead of having them carry one toy at a time and using kitchen paper to skin chicken drumsticks.

Now I am pleased that my bank has helped me with some tricks of their own via an app to make my life easier. The NatWest Banking app is a wonder – it makes my life so much more easier and for a forgetful mum like me – its a kind of lifeline.

Firstly, the app is secure as I got sent a code on my phone to access the app, then was asked to select a pass code and then within 24 hours I was up and running. Now, I already had an app downloaded on my iPad, so this time when I accessed it on my Android phone, I could use the same pass code which is handy as I don’t need to remember different pass codes.

This magical app allows me to peruse all my accounts and credit cards too as well as transfer money within my accounts. It allows me to see recent transactions and account balances on the go and it also allows me to pay my bills and transfer money to other accounts  – like accounts of family members. So, I can just transfer money into the accounts of my nieces and nephews for their birthdays and Christmas. Easy, Peasy….and they get it on time.

The brilliant thing about the app is that I can withdraw money from any NatWest, RBS or Tesco cash point with the help of a code. For me this is a life saver as I hardly ever carry my cards around and when I do….I still can’t use them because I don’t remember the pins. The last time I was with a friend and went to pay something at the till and my card got locked out. It is also embarrassing when your pin doesn’t work and the staff look at you a bit strangely like you are using a stolen card. It does happen you know – forgetting your pin. Now I can just request the amount I need to withdraw, get sent a code and then Hey Presto! I have money in my hand ( well, I may need to locate a cash point first)

But worry not, because magically NatWest got this sorted too and I can find a bank/cash point by just inputting my postcode or allowing it to use my location services.

What’s not to love about the app?

NatWest also thought of some clever tricks that made me go – why didn’t I think of that?Like using a cup cake case under an ice lolly or using a shower curtain to save the carpets from messy eaters or painters. Brilliant  – but the app far surpasses this.


Disclaimer: This project is in conjunction with BritMums for their #MumsMagicTricks” challenge with NatWest.


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