Mother’s Day gift ideas from Prezzy Box

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? We all love them at home. They are so easy to make and the fact that they are individual little cakes seem to make them more personal. The children love making cakes and then decorating them and then eating them up in a matter of minutes.

You know how when you put the cakes in the oven and are ready with the decorations etc and then you notice that they have come out all broken on the top so the decoration bit is out of the question? Well, I don’t have this problem anymore.

And this is all thanks to the cupcake maker from Prezzybox.
prezzy box cupcake maker

This cute little cupcake maker makes 7 cakes at a time in just about 8 minutes flat. In fact if you are using it for a second round, it takes even less time.

The plates are non stick so it is super easy to remove the cakes. However, I always grease the holders before I put the mixture in and this results in a lovely golden brown colour.

The tops of the cakes come out perfectly so they are really easy to decorate and ice.

My only gripe is that the cakes are a little small so they kind of get finished really soon. It would be nice to be able to make bigger cupcakes.
prezzy box 1

The cupcake maker is well made and of great quality and I absolutely adore the colour. Be warned though, once you get one of these you will be making cupcakes by the dozen simply because it is so easy and quick to do.

russian dolls Matryoshka dolls are traditional dolls from Russia which consist of dolls of different sizes that fit one into the other. So what’s it got to do with cooking and the kitchen?

I  received this adorable set of measuring cups from Prezzy Box too. These Russian dolls measure 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3,  3/4 and 1 full cup  and they look so great in the kitchen.

Made from good quality plastic they are food safe and so easy to store.

I think any of these would make an ideal gift for Mother’s Day as they are so adorable and make cooking and baking so much easier. If you would like to win this Limited Edition Russian Doll Measuring set, enter the giveaway below.



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Disclaimer: I was send the above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

82 thoughts on “Mother’s Day gift ideas from Prezzy Box

  1. My absolute favourite kitchen gadet at the moment is my Dolce Gusto coffee machine my lovely husband bought me as a treat! I am a coffee-holic and this is the best thing I have ever owned…..delicious ranges of coffees available at the press of a button!

  2. ive always loved baking cakes but only this week got myself an electric hand whisk! i cant believe how much easier it is now..what was i thinking leaving it so many years without one!

  3. I love my silicone knife. It’s great for cutting baked goodies in silicone without tearing the silicone.

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