Moshi Monsters The Movie: Review

Moshi Monsters Premiere

I am a Moshi Monster fan….by default.

I don’t know about you but being a Mum, I find myself getting very involved in my children’s likes and dislikes. I mean I know about Transformers, Moshlings, Power Rangers – to name a few.

Although I do believe I am quite behind with the latest additions to most. Now, luckily being a Moshi Monster Official Blogger, I am reminded of the latest attractions and games. This time though it was even more exciting – there was mention of Moshi Monsters on the silver screen for the first time.

Moshi Monsters Premiere

I made the mistake of telling the kids about it the moment I knew and I didn’t have a moments rest after that as they kept asking how many days were left to go to the premiere.

The day finally came…the children were supercharged up and I found myself caught up in the excitement.

We reached The Odeon, West End and the first person we were lucky enough to meet was the man himself – Mr Moshi. Jadyn had been waiting to ask him who his favourite Moshling was and she had her opportunity. He said it keeps changing week from week and she was asked who hers was. She loves Ting a ling – I think it’s a little cat.

We were directed to the fun in the foyer and the first thing the children headed for was the Candy Floss – what a treat!


There were Danish pastries, croissants, cupcakes, cookies, coffee, juice – a wonderful spread for hungry monsters!

Moshi Monsters Premiere

There was also face painting and caricatures and lots of other fun stuff but the movie awaited…

The pastries and cupcakes were even brought inside the hall and served. And oh yes, there was also Magic Moshi Water for everyone outside the hall as we were going in.

Moshi Monsters Premiere

Moshi Monsters Premiere

Before the movie began, Mr Moshi (Michael Acton Smith) the CEO, Creative Director and Founder of online games developer and entertainment company Mind Candy, gave a short speech. He told us how, two years ago, he sat in a coffee shop and dreamt of a world of monsters and soon after brought his dream to life. He also informed us that the film has been brought to life by British companies seeing as it was a British idea.


The film began with a song of dazzling colour and moshlings letting us know what we were in for. That set the tone – we were in for excitement, humour and fun.

The Monsters – Katsuma, Poppet, Luvli, Furi, Diavlo, Zomer and the adorable Mr Snoodle are all set to be filmed when they get the news that the Moshi Egg has been stolen by Dr Strangeglove and his glump Fishlips. (I think Strangeglove is rather mean to Fishlips). Will they be able to save the egg in time? Well, you will just have to go and watch the movie to find out. It releases in cinemas on 20 December.

The children sat enthralled throughout. I got to learn a lot more about the monsters. The film is fast paced and adventurous in a Moshi sort of way.  But beyond all this, I thought there was a really nice message in it – to think less of oneself and that working as a team can do wonders. We all loved the song – ‘We can do it’!

At the end of it all – there were moshlings and a bookmark for the lucky children too. Could a day be any better?

I have to say that my children are getting a little spoilt attending premieres but the smiles on their faces is so worth it. A big thank you to all for the invitation and making my day with the children one to remember.

I leave you with a sneak peak of the trailer –


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