Moshi Monsters Series 9 – The twist in the tale: #huntforfurnando

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Pssssst….Shall I let you in on a secret? You like secrets, you say? But can you keep one? No?

Well then, this is your lucky day because this is one you can shout out about.

Ever since we have been counting down Series 9 of Moshi Monsters, we have been secretly been building up to this day.

Who’s the mysterious Moshling?

It’s Furnando.





Ultra Rare


Gaze into a Mystic Moggy’s eyes and you might start woofing or oinking because these mysterious Moshlings are talented sorcerers. They can even levitate when they meow, cough up magic furballs and make pilchards vanish (‘cos they sneak them under their top hats). Gee whiskers!


How do you get your hands on Furnando? Furnando characters are hidden within Series 9 blind bags and collector packs. Find Furnando and get a special code to win an AMAZING Prize. I will not spoil the surprise but you can find out more by visiting



We don’t have an image of Furnando as we didn’t receive one too. So much more exciting for us to try and find this ultra rare Moshling. I think it looks amazing with the top hat and feathers.  Right, now off to hunt for Furnando.

Hope you have enjoyed the countdown as much as we have. Don’t foget to #huntforfurnando


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