Moshi Monsters Series 9 Reveal – Day 7

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Day 7 – A Roly Poly welcome to



Name and Species

Tumbles the Nifty Shifty

Personality: Erratic, exuberant, daring.

Mini Bio

Able to change shape thanks to the strange swivelling cubes that make up their colourful bodies, these puzzle-loving Moshlings enjoy leaping off tall walls and landing on top of each other. Experts are not sure why but it sure looks like fun!

Habitat: Nifty Shifties live huddled together in Tumbledown Trench, an area just beyond the Puzzle Palace.

Likes: Tumbling into space and balalaika music.

Dislikes: Apple pie and the law of universal gravitation. 

Rank: 155

Rarity: Common


This is one that Ethan likes. I think it has to do with the tumbling and the leaping off walls. I am pretty sure that he would love to tumble into space too. It sounds so appealing that I think I am geared up to do so too. I also like the sound of the Balalaika.

Did you know? The Balalaika is a Russian folk stringed instrument and has a triangualr body with 3 strings. It is mentioned in the song ‘Winds of Change’ by the Scorpions. 🙂

And I am sure you can find Tumbles’ Silhouette here…

Series 9 Silhouettes

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