Moshi Monsters Series 9 Reveal – Day 6

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Name and Species

Bubbly the Rubbery Bubbery

Personality: Flexible, emotional, vivacious.

Mini Bio

Squishy beyond belief, Rubbery Bubberies are the stretchiest Moshlings ever. In fact many experts believe that these gentle, jelly-headed creatures can stretch their tentacles around the entire world of Moshi three times over and still reach the top shelf in the Gross-ery Store.

Habitat: Set sail on Potion Ocean and you’ll probably see a few Rubbery Bubberies bobbing about on the foamy waves.

Likes: Purple sprouting seaweed and Batty Bubblefish.

Dislikes: Pebbly beaches and the sound of balloons beings rubbed. 

Rank: 154

Rarity: Common


Jadyn thinks this little Moshling is really sweet and I agree with her whole heartedly. When I said I was enjoying playing with these Moshlings, I really meant it! Besides I dislike the sound of balloons being rubbed too!

Can you spot Bubbly?

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