Moshi Monsters Series 9 Reveal – Day 10

Name and Species

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Day 10 – A sandy welcome to 



Shimmy the Selfish Shellfish

Personality: Rash, petty, puerile.

Mini Bio

Have you ever tried saying ‘Selfish Shellfish’ really fast with a mouthful of soggy sand? If you have it’s probably because one of these silly Moshlings made you do it in exchange for some of the magical rainbow pearls it burps up every now and then.

Habitat: Clamshell Cove but you will sometimes find these ocean-going Moshlings hiding in treasure chests.

Likes: Valley Mermaids and lip balm.

Dislikes: Lemon pips and bottom feeders. 

Rank: 162

Rarity: Common


We love Shellfish – well to eat, really. Not so sure Shimmy is going to like that. Jadyn loves Shimmy and can’t wait to show this one off to her friends. We also tried saying ‘Selfish Shellfish’ and got our…erm…tongues in a twist!

Spot the shellfish…

Series 9 Silhouettes


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